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Menu and specials

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animated pizza

Brick-oven baked pies

Build your own. -- Three toppings (Pepperoni,Hard Salami, Italian Sausage,Ham,Clams, Anchovies, Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers,Pineapple,Bacon,Olives, Mushrooms,Onions,Raw Tomatoes).

10" 14.99-14" 19.99-18"22.99

Caligula's Feast. -- (Pepperoni,Ham,Italian Sausage,Bacon,Onions and Mushrooms).

10" 15.99-14" 20.99-18"23.99

The Sensitive Stomach--(Bell Peppers, Raw Tomatoes, and Mushrooms)

10" 13.99-14" 18.99-18"21.99

Hawiian Banzai Typhoon--(Pineapple,Ham, Banana Peppers)

10" 15.99-14" 20.99-18"23.99

Joe the Plumber--(Pepperoni, Sausage).

10" 13.99-14" 18.99-18"21.99


The O.G.(Original Gangsta)--Crispy romaine lettuce with Ham, Chicken, Bacon, Egg, Ripe tomatoes, Avocado, and Medium cheddar cheese with choice of dressing. 7.99

In da Hizzouse Salad--Mixture of fresh salad greens, cucumbers, shredded carrots,and cherry tomates topped off with our home-made italian style croutons and choice of dressing. 5.99

The Ides of March-A crisp wedge of iceburg lettuce topped with chopped boiled egg, black olives, homeade garlic and herb croutons, shaved parmesan cheese and choice of dressing. 7.99

Dressing-Ranch, Thousand Island, Green Goddess, and Ceasar

***Add a bowl of soup for only an additional 1.99***

Ministrone, Broccoli Cheese, Chicken Noodle, and Split Pea

Home Made Daily

Starters to tease the appetite-

The Indecisive-mozzerella sticks, fried zucchini and mushrooms, stuffed potato skins, and southwestern eggroll bites. Delish!9.99

Fried Zuchinni and Mushrooms.6.00

Stuffed Potato Skins-crispy potato shells full of sharp cheddar cheese, real bacon crumbles, green onions, topped with pico de gallo and sour cream.5.99

Eggrolls AZ style-A fried to golden brown perfection wrapper surrounding black beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, rice, cilantro, and a mild ancho chili sauce. 5.99

Don't forget about the Home Made Soups!


Drinks-All Coke products, Red Kool-Aid, Iced Tea.1.00

Free Refills

We do not serve alcohol at this establishment, (We suggest BYOB)


Lil' Gangsta's Menu:

Anastasia- Ramen noodles, cheetos, and two-liter Diet Coke. 5.00

Dominique-Hamburger with potato chips.2.50

Jonathan-Baked haibut with wild rice.2.50

Kianna-Chicken nuggets and french fries.2.50

Emily-Grilled cheese and tomato soup.2.50


"Keepin it gangsta' since 2009"